Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Red, White, and Blue Assignment

Week of July 4th.

This one spotted by Sophie along the footpath of the Williamsburg Bridge. I like the disconnect between the usual 4th of July symbolism and the hammer and sickle - not making any political judgments, just an observation and a provocative entry to the assignment. Nicely done.

Friday, July 10, 2015

2015/16 Season

This long dormant blog will reawaken as a central place for the PPAS photography club to post assignments. Stay tuned for examples of the next assignment to post.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Assignment 6: Diversity & Unity

Photo by Kay Tucker

We are PPAS.

There will be an exhibit for Spirit Week that celebrates the diversity and unity of PPAS.

Take pictures of groups of friends that represent the theme. Every picture should show diversity on some level among people who are nonetheless bonded by mutual respect and love. Think about all the levels of diversity at PPAS, especially different majors, males/females, different ethnicities, religions, sexual orientation, ages, even boroughs. You can find natural groups or think of this as a way to bring people together - the photographer as "matchmaker" :-)

Due March 17th

Friday, January 6, 2012

Assignment 5: Alphabet Soup

m is for me 

Looking this time for colorful environmental structures - natural or "human"made - that resemble letters of the alphabet. You should NOT use actual letters from signs, billboards, graffiti, etc.

Due Sunday, February 5th

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Assignment # 4: Light & Shadow

During the winter months the sun moves across the sky at a low angle above the horizon, making for the possibility of dramatic light and shadow scenes throughout much of day. Look for times when the sun is above a cross street or avenue, or early in the day on the east side, late in the day on the west side.

Emphasizing light and shadow can be particularly striking in black & white photography, but color works too. Take new pictures being consciously aware of light and shadow in your images, do not go looking for pictures in your portfolio that already have these qualities.

Due January 5th.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Assignment #3: Fall/Winter Season

The late fall and early winter season is full of holidays and traditions, not to mention its own special color palette, light, landscape, cityscape, and weather phenomena. You may focus in on the details or step back to take in a wide view of the world, but your November images should capture the spirit of the season as you see it.We will have another exhibit at the Holiday Vocal concert, so think of what images people might enjoy seeing in that context.

As always, take a lot of pictures, select the best to post on Flickr. Due Thursday, December 1st. Have fun!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Assignment #2 - Due November 5th, 2011

Environmental Portraits

Take pictures of a friend or family member in an "environmental" setting. Environment doesn't mean "nature" as you might imagine it, but it means taking the portrait within some sort of context - which could be nature as in an outdoor park or so, but also includes buildings, offices or dance studio, the home, school, etc. Obviously you need a subject, and possibly an assistant to hold a reflector if needed (ask me about reflectors).

The "environment" should be meaningful, related to the person's talents, interests, culture, or the like. That means the environment is a crucial part of the image and not to be blurred out with a shallow depth of field, but you also don't want the background to completely overwhelm your subject. This often means creating some kind of distance between subject and background (see above), using tonal contrasts (subject wears white against a darker background, for instance), or using lighting to draw attention to the subject, or some combination of the these techniques. The picture above could have been improved with a little "fill flash" to overcome the shadows under the eyes.

As always, take at least 20 shots, adjust settings and situations - not 20 shots of the same person in the same position with the same lighting and same camera settings - what would be the point in that?  Experiment!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Assignment #1 - For October, 2011

PPAS! A logical starting point for a photography assignment. The subject of this month is our school, specifically 328 W. 48th Street, not your off-site PA building. The focus of the images should be the building itself, but you may include students or teachers as part of the image. This is not about portraits of students, however, which will one day be a separate assignment. You may shoot indoors or outdoors. Think of things that capture the school in your mind - when you think of PPAS as a building, what do you think of? What you shoot may be as big as the facade of the building or as small as a door knob or anything in between. Shoot at least 20 different images and select the best to submit.

UPDATE: You should be taking new pictures - one goal of these exercises is to practice the craft, not just use a good picture you already took. Challenge yourself to find new and interesting ways of photographing the school. "Think outside the box."

This assignment must be posted to Flickr by October 5th, which only gives you 3 weeks for the first assignment. Ask for help if you're stuck!

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